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The Health Agents are dedicated to providing quality service to those who are in need of group or individual health insurance. We educate so you can make the choice thats best for you. If you are unsure what each policy can potentially offer your business or to you as an individual, you have come to the right place. Our blog will help answer all your questions and more!

To discuss with us in person, feel free to schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 281-300-8138 or sending an email to

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Devin Blount

The Health Agents is open to any small businesses 200 employee, down to self employed and specializes in businesses that are in the service based fields. It is meant to serve as a resource to provide Health insurance information and education in an easy to understand format. The owner Devin Blount is an experienced customer service expert with a demonstrated history of working hard to help clients find the right coverage for them. After a simple 30 min needs analysis you will realize that this company is like no other in the industry.

The Health Agents take the right way to evaluate your insurance needs. No pushy sales people here. We spend time with our clients, find out what is truly important to you and make sure you find a insurance product that works as hard as you do.



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