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What is group health insurance?

Group health insurance are plans that can be used to provide coverage for groups of people in an organization or company. Members of these groups can receive this coverage at a reduced cost because the premiums are divided among the group. For companies or organizations to obtain group health insurance for their members or employees, at least 70% of participation in the plan is required.

Group health insurance plans may also come in tiers, meaning that some may choose a basic option of coverage or a more comprehensive choice that can include add-ons. These plans may also provide coverage to immediate family members or dependents, but for an extra cost.

What are the benefits?

Because the plan is spread across multiple individuals, this helps keep premium payments low and gives insurers better risk management. But the most significant benefit of group health insurance is that it ensures members and employees are happy and have the coverage they deserve.

Group health insurance can also benefit employers. When businesses offer to pay part of their employees’ premiums, this can qualify the business to receive a credit back on their taxes, which serves as compensation for the money paid out towards the premiums.

What is B2B?

B2B, also known as “Business-to-Business,” is a marketing strategy that describes transactions between businesses. What does this have to do with healthcare? With B2B, The Health Agents can work with your small business or entrepreneurial leadership to provide a health plan that works for everyone.

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