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Sarah Nouri Medicare Specialist

Sarah Nouri Medicare Specialist, Licensed Agent

Sarah Nouri is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of customer service experience and an unwavering commitment to making every customer feel valued and heard. Sarah’s passion for exceptional service and her vast knowledge in the customer satisfaction industry make her the perfect fit for our team. Sarah earned her degree from St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY. She has a B.S. in Professional Studies, with concentration’s in Marketing & Advertising. Sarah was also the Captain of her Division I volleyball team, at St. Francis College.

On a personal level, Sarah is very vested in her family and her faith. She is married to Leon and they have two beautiful twin girls, Caprise & Savannah, as well as a handsome son, Ivan. She enjoys being home with her family and their miniature yorkie Lily when she isn’t working, and spending time with other extended family members on her down time.

Sarah stands out as a Licensed Health Insurance Agent specializing in Medicare services. Starting her career in NYC at Maximum Impact as a Executive Sales Assistant, then a Web Sales Manager at Green Lantern Industries, a Real Estate Agent at Trade NYC Realty, an Operations Manager at Marshall’s in Galveston, TX and a Customer Experience Manager at Marshall’s in Webster, TX. Sarah has honed and mastered her leadership and customer service skills across many sectors of the professional world. She is proficient in tools like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, online systems, as well as being face to face with our customers and finding out what their needs truly are. Sarah’s commitment to clients is unparalleled, making her a trusted name in Medicare services.

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